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In all works of life, i come across amazing women making strides in their various fields. Behind all this glamour, lots of them nurse those hurting intimate problem of "a Loose or Wide Vagina".

So initially, i started a little blog sharing my knowledgeand those gleaned from others.  Little did i know my life was about to change as a result of my little project. I have had people from as far as Netherlands, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Canada, United States, Kenya, South Africa, Pakistan  e.t.c happily stumbling upon my website and being blessed with amazing Information. SO I SAID TO MYSELF - WHY DON'T WE MAKE AN EBOOK? THAT WILL BE A COMPLETE GUIDE TO ALL THESE TO A BETTER VAGINA? Now i have the chance to make even 1 more marriage better. Even 1 more relationship easier. Even 1 more childbirth healthier. I have the Opportunity to make Impact. THANKS.

As stated earlier, vaginal issues are usually experienced by a whole lot of women…Bearing in mind these situations, I and my other female friends decided to put together a whole manual/complete guide which would certainly address these issues and give you a tighter, sexier, healthier vagina. These methods have been tested, proven and trusted by a whole lot of our customers. In this guide you will be earnestly introduced to the concept of natural exercises which you may probably have come across in your quest for solutions (CONGRATULATIONS-you quest is now officially over).
In this book, you will be given a step by step guide, methods and totally everything you need to know about these exercises, vaginal surgery, use of vaginal cones, etc.
  •  Ever wondered what a vaginal prolapse is -i.e. when your vaginal floors seem not to be strong?
  • Or what urinary inconsistence is?-when you urinate and some amounts of urine still seems to come out or they just come out of their freewill and you don’t seem to be control?
Learn how to combat these problems effectively and 
  • Also types of vaginas men generally adore (is yours included?) how to keep you man (guidelines and thing to do),
  •  Is the use of vinegar, lime and lemon suitable for tightening the vagina? Is it helpful or harmful? …
  • Here is an overview of some chapters in this book:

1. Tight vagina tips
  • Reasons for a loose vagina
  • Disadvantages of a loose vagina
  • Advantages of a tight vagina
  • 3 things men love about their women/what they want.
  • Types of vaginas preferred by 110% of men
Remedies for a loose vagina/vagina tightening tips.
         1. EXCERSISES
                   1.1. Pelvic floor exercises
                  1.2. Performing pelvic floor exercises
         2. Kegal exercises
               2.1 Prolapses in men and women
               2.2 Kegel and Pelvic Floor Exercises for Prolapse Prevention
               2.3 How to Do the Most Effective Pubococcygeus Muscle Exercise.
               2.4. Urinary inconsistence; meaning, cure and prevention.
               2.0. Yoga exercises

         3. VAGINAL CONES-introduction, importance, positives and negatives, types and importance of each.

        4. HERBAL CREAMS AND SPRAYS-how fast it acts, uses, mechanism of application, positives and negatives, importance, types e.g. INVITAR, uses of some herbs and barks, bibliography…

        5. SURGERY- Positives and negatives, pricing, types including Vaginal Rejuvenation, Labiaplasty, Vaginal Tightening, Labia Reduction, Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation, Clitoral Hood Reduction, Vaginoplasty and Hymenoplasty…frequently asked questions- why Women Pick Vaginal Plastic Surgery? , Who should consider vaginoplasty (vaginal tightening surgery)? , Vaginal Surgery "Bottom Line", What's Involved With Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery? , Will Insurance Cover the Cost of Vaginal Rejuvenation? And "designer vagina".

  • Get your first night back: Artificial hymen :-)  how it works, how to get it, importance (to get back your first night even after losing your virginity)…

2. Sex and Menopause-how to enjoy sex between you and your partner during the trying period of menopause. How to Boost Libido with These Easy Tips e.g. stress management, Trying Aphrodisiacs etc. during menopause.

3. BUEATY TIPS, YOUNG TIPS- Nurturing your body with high Antioxidants every day, Simple Detox ,  Detox plan, how to Release your growth hormone naturally, The best way to use skin care products,-How to prevent wrinkles, Biological clock-best sleeping time .

4. How Can I Keep My Vagina Fresh?’ –causes, prevention e.g. Natural Hormonal Balance,

5. Fishy Vaginal Odor/Bacterial Vaginosis- Does this sound like you- Musty or fishy odor, Vaginal itching and irritation, Vaginal odor is stronger after sex,  White or gray vaginal discharge, often excessive? FAQs-What is bacterial vaginosis? , Symptoms of bacterial vaginosis? , What causes bacterial vaginosis? , How is bacterial vaginosis diagnosed? , How do you treat bacterial vaginosis? , Are there complications of bacterial vaginosis?

6. Vaginismus (vagina pain conditions)-how to know if your vagina is too tight or too loose and how to treat it, what causes vaginal problems? How to treat vaginal problems naturally, USING PUERARIA MIRIFICA (The herb used to prepare vagina tightening creams and spays) FOR VAGINAL DRYNESS
ü CONCLUSION; Some Natural Tips to Keep Tight Vagina.

                HELLO? NOT INTERESTED YET?

ü Ever heard of ARTIFICIAL HYMENS? Which when used makes your man think that you are a virgin which have helped millions of women around the globe get their first marriage night back?
 In this guide I will teach you what it is, how to go about it (use it), its important and most importantly how to get one for yourself.
ü What about bad vaginal odourbacterial vaginosismusky vagina?
ü Or what about loose vagina which a lot of men complain daily about/ are you guilty of any of these?
ü   Is you man complaining that he is not enjoying sex because of your musky or loose vagina?
ü This guide would help you improve your sex life and vaginal health.Dont miss out. Women who love their husbands and want to enjoy their sex life and improve their vaginas are buying this book.

OK, So How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?
Complete guide to a better, tighter vagina for improved sex life- goes for

USD $12 only. It might be a huge amount to you but always think of the end benefits/satisfaction you would derive from utilizing this store house of information.

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HOW TO USE Natural mint leaves (organic if you can find it); Aabab vagina tightening tablet: Oak gall ;Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) ;Curcuma comosa; Pueraria Mirifica; TO TIGHTEN THE VAGINA NATURALLY

Here are some natural substances of herbs that beneficial
in rejuvenating vaginal muscle elasticity, functions and

HOW TO USE Natural mint leaves (organic if you can find it); 

You just boil the leaves, let it cool down a little bit. While there is
still steam, pour tea in a bucket, sit over the bucket with the tea in it,
allow the steam to go in for 5-15mins. You will also find that this
releases loose secretions out of the vagina. Make sure the tea is not
too hot, use as a douche, or pour over vagina, allowing tea to enter
your vagina. It will strengthen your vagina, and will make you
wetter than usual. Your man will love it, just do this for a while. If
you do it the night before sex and right before you have sex, it’s even
better, the more used the tighter. Let me know what you think,
women love it, because it’s natural, and they don’t have to worry
about using anything with chemicals, and it soothes the vagina.

                        HOW TO USE Aabab vagina tightening tablet

is found to be very effective for curing loose genital wall complaints. Aabab vaginal
tightening tablet spices up your sex life by tightening vagina
naturally. All the ingredients included for the production of Aabab
tablet are clinically approved by health practitioners. These
ingredients have been used for centuries for the treatment of genital
disorders. It contracts the muscles of genital walls and improves
grip so as to enhance pleasure during relationship. Apart from
tightening genital walls, Aabab tablet beholds a number of other
health benefits too.

Managing leucorrhoea or excessive white
vaginal discharge is one among the important health benefits of
using Aabab tightening tablet. It acts on body cells and prevents the
action of microbial pathogens. This in turn reduces the risk of
infectious diseases and keeps your genital tract healthy.

Aabab tightening tablet is completely devoid of harsh chemicals and
can be even used by women with sensitive skin.
Immediate result within no time is an important advantage of using
Aabab tightening tablet. In order to achieve satisfactory result, it is
recommended to use this herbal product before going to bed. Today
Aabab vaginal tablet is a common cure recommended for those
females suffering from loose genital problem due to child birth.
Prolonged result is a highlighting advantage of using Aabab tablet.
You can feel the effect of Aabab tablet for about two to three hours
duration. It restores the suppleness of genital walls and makes you
feel as though young.

Use of Aabab vaginal tightening tablet
enhances sensitivity and spices up your sex life by tightening vaginal

Active ingredients used for the preparation of Aabab genital wall
tightening tablet are well known for their anti-inflammatory,
antibacterial and antiviral properties. Key ingredients used for the
preparation of this herbal product include argilla vitriolutum and
quercus infectoria. Vaginal dryness, a common issue found among
old age women can be well treated by using Aabab genital wall
tightening tablet. It improves lubrication, prevents the risk of
dryness problem and spices up your sex life by tightening vagina.
Use of Aabab genital wall tightening tablet enhances stimulation and
ensures intense feeling for both the partners.

HOW TO USE Pueraria Mirifica

Pueraria mirifica is a plant rich in active phytoestrogens or natural
estrogens. Estrogenic or steroid hormone activity of their
phytoestrogens will work when it enters the cells and activates the
estrogen receptor in the ovary tissue (when applying to this area)
and other tissues like uterus and breast.
As the results, the structural changes induced by estrogen including
Thickening the vaginal wall and increase vaginal lubrication. This is
the basic function of estrogen on the vagina.

  The effect of estrogen on the vaginal from Pueraria mirifica
also studied by some researchers.
One of them, a study from the Department of Obstetrics and
Gynecology, Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibody Hospital, Mahidol
University, Thailand, that concluded “Pueraria mirifica 100 and
1,000 mg/kg/day showed an estrogen-like effect on the vaginal and
urethral epithelium of ovariectomized rats.”
Other studies investigated the estrogenic activity of Pueraria
mirifica said that the alcoholic extract of Pueraria mirifica roots,
that is dichloromethane extract, is the most potent estrogenic
activity followed by ethanolic extract. (Fitoterapia. 2008 Dec, 19(7-9)

These effects are very helpful for women who experienced vaginal
dryness (more common among menopausal women) that make
them suffer during sexual intercourse and not enjoyable, and for
those who want to restore their elasticity of vaginal wall due to
frequent sexual activities or had vaginal delivery.

Other studies evaluated the effects of P. mirifica in the vaginal
Health index, vaginal pH, and cells related to structure, function and
chemistry of vagina in healthy postmenopausal women concluded,
“Pueraria mirifica was proven to exhibit estrogenicity on vaginal
Tissue, to alleviate vaginal dryness symptoms and dyspareunia, to
improve signs of vaginal atrophy, and to restore the atrophic vaginal
epithelium in healthy postmenopausal women.” (Ref).
This means, P. mirifica is does not only benefit in restoring vaginal
elasticity and produce more lubrication, but also for vaginal health.

HOW TO USE Oak gall 
Oak is a shrub from Quercus genus that contains lot of tannins; a
polyphenolic compounds containing enough hydroxyl. It does not
only have antibacterial properties and some antifungal for vaginal
health due to its seven methanolic extracts that has been showed in
several studies just like a study archived in the Annals of Clinical
Microbiology and Antimicrobials 2012, 11:11, but also restoring
vaginal muscles elasticity and increase blood flow in the clitoris
area, either used as single application or in-combination with other
herbs that have similar or supporting works.
While it is safe from almost adverse effect risks, its also easy to
make for self-treatment.

HOW TO USE Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) 

Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) is not only a shrub or plant that
Is popular with its astringent properties in the bark and leaves that
Is beneficial in tightening vaginal muscles, but this plant is also rich
in tannins and other natural phenols or small molecules that make
them easily diffuse across cell membranes and reach intracellular
sites for certain actions.

As a result, Witch hazel offers fast action in tightening vaginal
muscles due to its content of high levels of tannins, phenols, and
astringent properties.

In addition, the extract also contain antiseptic, antioxidant and
Anti-inflammatory properties for better vaginal health.
In fact, due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, it also
has ability for anti-toxic to the cells in order to fight colon cancer

Therefore, when an extract of Witch hazel is combined with other
supporting herbs in certain treatments like rejuvenating the vagina,
it not only offers great results, but also great for better vaginal

HOW TO USE Curcuma comosa 
Curcuma comosa is a plant that beneficial in vaginal health due to its
anti-inflammatory properties, and tightening vaginal muscles,
maintain vaginal wall prolapse and vaginal dryness due to
phytoestrogen contents. Most of the studies related to female genital
organs and women’s health come from Thailand since this herb
were popular among people there and native to Asian countries.
Some of Thailand’s studies for women’s health just archived in the
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2012 Jan 25; 60(3):758-
64 from the Department of Physiology, Mahidol University,

The animal (rat) study inspired from promising therapeutic agents
due to its phytoestrogen contents to treat the vascular impairment
seen in menopausal women.

The authors said, these data suggest that the vascular relaxation
effect of C. comosa is mediated via endothelial cells of
ovariectomized rats and indicate a prevention of impairment of
vascular relaxation in estrogen-deficient animals as well as
promoting anti-inflammatory response.
Other herbs that often used in vaginal rejuvenation and health
includes Symplocos racemosa;a plant that contains symponoside
often used in Indian System of Medicine (ISM) for various female
disorders, Terminalia chebula with its anti-inflammatory and
aphrodisiac properties for enhancing female sexual arousal and
vaginal health, and some others.

Therefore, there are various herbs that can be used to overcome
vaginal looseness or restore vaginal muscles elasticity, vaginal
prolapse, vaginal dryness and discharge, and overall health of the
vagina, naturally.

However, since there are lots of herbs with certain natural chemical
contents and works, it is time consuming and costly if choosing the
herb is done one by one
Panax is a plant containing several active agents like stimulants,
sedative and tonics. It is classified as a ginseng.
As stimulants and tonics, it is effective in regulating blood flow to
the female genital area and enhancing female sexual arousal, as well
as vitality.

Therefore, panax ginseng has been used for centuries in certain
countries like Korea and China.

The aphrodisiac properties of panax ginseng also been investigated
in many studies due to its ginsenosides contents (a series of
tetracyclic triterpenoid saponins), and its aphrodisiac properties is
not due to changes in hormone secretion, but to direct effects of
ginseng on the central nervous system and genital organs in both
male and female.

For total vaginal rejuvenation, it is very important to support other works in vaginal structural, functions, and sensation. 
It is almost safe when used appropriately. But some adverse effects
such as high blood pressure, diarrhea, and restlessness can occur
when used in excess.
All of these formula results in fast reaction and even the results can
be seen in just few minutes (mostly around 5 minutes) after



Remedies to a loose vag

The Vagina is a canal with a lining of a mucus membrane,
Muscles and tissues that form its wall. It is also a birth
canal as the baby passes through this during child birth.

The male organ is inserted into this organ for lovemaking.
It has numerous glands for the secretion of the natural
lubrication. The shape and tightness of the female
reproductive organ depends on the body type of the
woman, the number of child births and the age of the

 A stretched or loosened vagina can lower the
confidence and self-esteem of a woman. The vagina can
get stretched after a child birth. The walls stretch out
many times its actual size to form a passage way for the
baby to pass.

 The diameter of the vagina increases. This
causes tears and weakens the pelvic support. The grip
loosens. This condition makes sexual lovemaking less
enjoyable for women and their partners. A woman's libido
and sexual pleasure decreases. The tissues lose their
elasticity and become weak. Vaginal dryness can cause
pain during lovemaking. Due to lack of lubrication,
dryness makes the act painful. This may happen if the
woman is nervous or anxious. These feelings slow down
the release of the natural lubricant. Penetrating in before
the stimulation of the lubricant too results in dryness.
Hormonal imbalances may also be a reason.

To tighten the vagina, there are plenty of options available. They
include; Click here

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Tips to Keep The Vagina Tight Always:

Every woman, most of who are married would always crave a tight vagina. Although already have children, most women still want a tight vagina. Many ways are taken by women to keep tightening the vagina, through the traditional way or modern. 9 natural tips to keep the vagina of the woman tight, like that of a virgin.
1. Acidity of the vagina approximately 7.1 to 7.3. Therefore, women should keep the acid levels to maintain a healthy vagina.
2. If menses or menses, should replace the pads as often as possible. Do not get stuck because your pads wear all day. This could interfere with the cleanliness of the vagina.
3.   ????

Click here for more

Beauty tips, young tips and how to prevent wrinkles

Start your day with green tea.
One meal should be salad with violet cabbage and virgin olive oil dressing.
During day time, drink a cup of soy beverage, ginger tea (with least sugar or none).
Take some antioxidant superpower like phytoestrogens and pomegranate (fresh or juice).
End your day with red wine.

Learn the:  
  • Simple Detox plan
  • Detox plan
  •  How to Release your growth hormone naturally
  •  The best way to use skin care product
  • How to prevent wrinkles through beauty sleeping
  • Beauty sleeping: HOW TOs
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Vaginal problems: What causes vaginal problems?

You might experience changes in the vagina following vaginal
delivery. Soreness in the vagina is a common problem after childbirth. The natural elasticity of the vaginal walls helps to expand the vagina to enable childbirth. After delivery, the vagina gradually returns to its previous shape. However, episiotomy, a surgical procedure undertaken to ease vaginal delivery might injure the vaginal walls. As a result, the vagina might lose its natural elasticity and it might become larger than normal. Changes in the vaginal walls largely occur due to reduced estrogen secretion.
   Vaginal atrophy, a condition characterized by thinning and swelling of the vaginal walls usually occurs after menopause. It makes sexual intercourse painful and reduces interest in sex. Vaginal atrophy starts developing several years prior to menopause.
In some cases, fluctuations in estrogen secretion during breastfeeding might cause vaginal atrophy. It could also develop as a side effect of hormonal therapy or chemotherapy for treating breast cancer or other forms of cancers.
The vaginal discharge helps to restore the health of the vagina. Changes in the normal vaginal discharge are the first signs of vaginal problems.
·       Fungal and bacterial infections are common causes of vaginal discomfort. They are associated with excess secretion of vaginal discharge. The color of the discharge changes and it becomes either watery or thick like cottage cheese. Vaginal yeast infections are frequently associated with foul odor in the vagina.
  •  Watery vaginal discharge might indicate presence of sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea and Chlamydia.
  • Besides changes in vaginal discharge, vaginal infections also cause redness, inflammation, pain and itching in the vaginal area.
  • And painful sexual intercourse owing to vaginal disorders reduces sex.

Important questions:
  • How are vaginal problems treated?
  • How are vaginal problems treated naturally?

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