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In all works of life, i come across amazing women making strides in their various fields. Behind all this glamour, lots of them nurse those hurting intimate problem of "a Loose or Wide Vagina".

So initially, i started a little blog sharing my knowledgeand those gleaned from others.  Little did i know my life was about to change as a result of my little project. I have had people from as far as Netherlands, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Canada, United States, Kenya, South Africa, Pakistan  e.t.c happily stumbling upon my website and being blessed with amazing Information. SO I SAID TO MYSELF - WHY DON'T WE MAKE AN EBOOK? THAT WILL BE A COMPLETE GUIDE TO ALL THESE TO A BETTER VAGINA? Now i have the chance to make even 1 more marriage better. Even 1 more relationship easier. Even 1 more childbirth healthier. I have the Opportunity to make Impact. THANKS.

As stated earlier, vaginal issues are usually experienced by a whole lot of women…Bearing in mind these situations, I and my other female friends decided to put together a whole manual/complete guide which would certainly address these issues and give you a tighter, sexier, healthier vagina. These methods have been tested, proven and trusted by a whole lot of our customers. In this guide you will be earnestly introduced to the concept of natural exercises which you may probably have come across in your quest for solutions (CONGRATULATIONS-you quest is now officially over).
In this book, you will be given a step by step guide, methods and totally everything you need to know about these exercises, vaginal surgery, use of vaginal cones, etc.
  •  Ever wondered what a vaginal prolapse is -i.e. when your vaginal floors seem not to be strong?
  • Or what urinary inconsistence is?-when you urinate and some amounts of urine still seems to come out or they just come out of their freewill and you don’t seem to be control?
Learn how to combat these problems effectively and 
  • Also types of vaginas men generally adore (is yours included?) how to keep you man (guidelines and thing to do),
  •  Is the use of vinegar, lime and lemon suitable for tightening the vagina? Is it helpful or harmful? …
  • Here is an overview of some chapters in this book:

1. Tight vagina tips
  • Reasons for a loose vagina
  • Disadvantages of a loose vagina
  • Advantages of a tight vagina
  • 3 things men love about their women/what they want.
  • Types of vaginas preferred by 110% of men
Remedies for a loose vagina/vagina tightening tips.
         1. EXCERSISES
                   1.1. Pelvic floor exercises
                  1.2. Performing pelvic floor exercises
         2. Kegal exercises
               2.1 Prolapses in men and women
               2.2 Kegel and Pelvic Floor Exercises for Prolapse Prevention
               2.3 How to Do the Most Effective Pubococcygeus Muscle Exercise.
               2.4. Urinary inconsistence; meaning, cure and prevention.
               2.0. Yoga exercises

         3. VAGINAL CONES-introduction, importance, positives and negatives, types and importance of each.

        4. HERBAL CREAMS AND SPRAYS-how fast it acts, uses, mechanism of application, positives and negatives, importance, types e.g. INVITAR, uses of some herbs and barks, bibliography…

        5. SURGERY- Positives and negatives, pricing, types including Vaginal Rejuvenation, Labiaplasty, Vaginal Tightening, Labia Reduction, Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation, Clitoral Hood Reduction, Vaginoplasty and Hymenoplasty…frequently asked questions- why Women Pick Vaginal Plastic Surgery? , Who should consider vaginoplasty (vaginal tightening surgery)? , Vaginal Surgery "Bottom Line", What's Involved With Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery? , Will Insurance Cover the Cost of Vaginal Rejuvenation? And "designer vagina".

  • Get your first night back: Artificial hymen :-)  how it works, how to get it, importance (to get back your first night even after losing your virginity)…

2. Sex and Menopause-how to enjoy sex between you and your partner during the trying period of menopause. How to Boost Libido with These Easy Tips e.g. stress management, Trying Aphrodisiacs etc. during menopause.

3. BUEATY TIPS, YOUNG TIPS- Nurturing your body with high Antioxidants every day, Simple Detox ,  Detox plan, how to Release your growth hormone naturally, The best way to use skin care products,-How to prevent wrinkles, Biological clock-best sleeping time .

4. How Can I Keep My Vagina Fresh?’ –causes, prevention e.g. Natural Hormonal Balance,

5. Fishy Vaginal Odor/Bacterial Vaginosis- Does this sound like you- Musty or fishy odor, Vaginal itching and irritation, Vaginal odor is stronger after sex,  White or gray vaginal discharge, often excessive? FAQs-What is bacterial vaginosis? , Symptoms of bacterial vaginosis? , What causes bacterial vaginosis? , How is bacterial vaginosis diagnosed? , How do you treat bacterial vaginosis? , Are there complications of bacterial vaginosis?

6. Vaginismus (vagina pain conditions)-how to know if your vagina is too tight or too loose and how to treat it, what causes vaginal problems? How to treat vaginal problems naturally, USING PUERARIA MIRIFICA (The herb used to prepare vagina tightening creams and spays) FOR VAGINAL DRYNESS
ü CONCLUSION; Some Natural Tips to Keep Tight Vagina.

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ü Ever heard of ARTIFICIAL HYMENS? Which when used makes your man think that you are a virgin which have helped millions of women around the globe get their first marriage night back?
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ü What about bad vaginal odourbacterial vaginosismusky vagina?
ü Or what about loose vagina which a lot of men complain daily about/ are you guilty of any of these?
ü   Is you man complaining that he is not enjoying sex because of your musky or loose vagina?
ü This guide would help you improve your sex life and vaginal health.Dont miss out. Women who love their husbands and want to enjoy their sex life and improve their vaginas are buying this book.

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Conclusion: tips to always have a nice and tight vagina, tightened naturally without vinegar, for a sweeter a happier sex life

Conclusion: tips to always have a nice and tight vagina, tightened naturally without vinegar, for a sweeter a happier sex life.

Some Natural Tips to Keep Tight Vagina  
Every woman, most of who are married would always crave a tight 
vagina. Although already have children, most women still want a tight 
vagina. Many ways are taken by women to keep tightening the vagina, 
through the traditional way or modern.

 9 natural tips to keep the vagina of the woman's tight, like a virgin. 
1. Acidity of the vagina approximately 7.1 to 7.3. Therefore, women 
should keep the acid levels to maintain a healthy vagina. So, vinegar is bad for the vagina.
Vinegar should not be used to tighten the vagina

2. If menses or menses, should replace the pads as often as possible. Do 
not get stuck because your pads wear all day. This could interfere with 
the cleanliness of the vagina. 

3. After sex, the outside of the vagina should be cleaned with a special 
antiseptic soap vagina. 

4. Change your underwear at least 2-3 times a day. Or is also advisable 
to not wear underwear while sleeping at night, in order to provide more 
free air in your vagina. 

5. We recommend using cotton underwear that absorbs sweat. Do not 
use a panty liner all day, just use for 2-3 hours during the day. 

6. For women who had sexual intercourse and had never given birth, it is 
recommended to perform a pap smear once a year. For those who have 
menopause pap smear is recommended at 2-3 years. 

7. Do not wear nylon pants, jeans and leather pants that are too tight. 
Because it will make the sides of your vagina moist. Moist vagina can be 
affected by fungus or other skin diseases. 

8. Keep your weight to remain normal. For women who are obese, fat 
folds of her vagina will be closed easily and causes the vagina moist. 

9. Keep your body health in general. For a healthy body, enough energy 
and enough vitamins, of course you can have sex with healthy too. 

                                                           Thanks for reading this guide...

Treating / Curing Vaginal Soreness, Vagina Dryness and other Vagina issues.

What causes vaginal problems? 

                You might experience changes in the vagina following vaginal 
delivery. Soreness in the vagina is a common problem after childbirth. 
The natural elasticity of the vaginal walls helps to expand the vagina to 
enable childbirth. After delivery, the vagina gradually returns to its 
previous shape. However, episiotomy, a surgical procedure undertaken 
to ease vaginal delivery might injure the vaginal walls. As a result, the 
vagina might lose its natural elasticity and it might become larger than 

                  Changes in the vaginal walls largely occur due to reduced 
estrogen secretion. Vaginal atrophy, a condition characterized by 
thinning and swelling of the vaginal walls usually occurs after 
menopause. It makes sexual intercourse painful and reduces interest in 

Vaginal atrophy starts developing several years prior to menopause. 
In some cases, fluctuations in estrogen secretion during breastfeeding 
might cause vaginal atrophy. It could also develop as a side effect of 
hormonal therapy or chemotherapy for treating breast cancer or other 
forms of cancers. 

The vaginal discharge helps to restore the health of the vagina. Changes 
in the normal vaginal discharge are the first signs of vaginal problems. 
Fungal and bacterial infections are common causes of vaginal 
discomfort. They are associated with excess secretion of vaginal 
discharge. The color of the discharge changes and it become either 
watery or thick like cottage cheese. Vaginal yeast infections are 
frequently associated with foul odor in the vagina. Watery vaginal 
discharge might indicate presence of sexually transmitted diseases such 
as gonorrhea and Chlamydia. 

      Besides changes in vaginal discharge, vaginal infections also cause 
redness, inflammation, pain and itching in the vaginal area. 
          Painful sexual intercourse owing to vaginal disorders reduces sex 

          How to treat vaginal problems naturally

Vaginal disorders are quite common. In some cases, they can be 
prevented and treated naturally. Vaginal dryness, a common complaint 
for painful sexual intercourse and diminished desire for sex, could be 
reduced by lubricating the vagina with a suitable moisturizing agent. 

Creams, sprays or serum could be safely used for lubricating the vagina. 

In addition, by working on the vaginal tissues the components of the 
serum will help to revive the health of the vagina.
Estrogen like plant compounds could help to boost the estrogen reserve 
in your body. Hence, women bothered by vaginal atrophy owing to fall 
in the estrogen level might consider increasing intake of fruits and 
vegetables containing phytoestrogen. Soy is one of the richest sources of 
phytoestrogen. Soy products contain isoflavones that are dietary sources 
of estrogen. Isoflavones derived from soy are used for making 
phytoestrogen supplements. Although phytoestrogen supplements do not 
cause adverse side effect when taken in small doses, it is advisable to 
avoid these supplements if you are suffering from health disorders such 
as endometriosis, uterine fibroids and cancers of the breast, ovary and 
uterus that might worsen by consuming phytoestrogen supplements. 

Flax seeds would supply your body phytoestrogen in the form of lignans. 
Lignans also double as antioxidants that can protect your body from the 
harmful free radicals. Alfalfa, wheat, celery, fennel, oat, rice, sesame 
seeds and sage are moderate sources of phytoestrogen. Estrogen-like 
compounds are also found in apple, citrus fruits, carrot, beet, cherries, 
pomegranate, peas, beans, pumpkin, papaya, potato, eggplant and garlic. 
Increasing consumption of vitamin D might help to reduce vaginal 

 In postmenopausal women, fall in the estrogen level increases
the risk of osteoporosis. To prevent loss of bone density, 
postmenopausal women should increase consumption of dietary 

 Vitamin is needed for aiding calcium absorption. Exposure to 
sunlight aids synthesis of vitamin D naturally. However, for various 
reasons natural synthesis of vitamin D slows down. Deficiency of 
vitamin D increases with age. Excessive use of sunscreen products 
shields the skin from the sun’s radiation. Vitamin D rich foods and 
supplements might help to compensate inadequate synthesis of vitamin 
D in the body. Fish, seafood, cow’s milk and egg are natural sources of 
vitamin D. To prevent vitamin D deficiency, you can consume cereals 
and juices fortified with vitamin D. 

In some cases, DHEA supplements are recommended for treating the 
symptoms of vaginal atrophy by boosting circulation of estrogen. 
However, women engaged in regular sexual activities could avoid 
vaginal atrophy. Blood flow increases in the vaginal area during sexual 
activities. Increase in blood flow helps to nourish the vaginal tissues. 
Vagina could be tightened naturally with the help of Kegel’s exercises. 
These exercises help to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. The 
vagina loses its elasticity when the pelvic floor muscles weaken. Besides 
tightening the vagina, Kegel’s exercises also help to improve bladder 

USING PUERARIA MIRIFICA (The herb used to prepare vagina tightening creams and spays) FOR VAGINAL DRYNESS

DRYNESS. Short-term effects of vaginal dryness include itching, 
sensitiveness, irritation, tenderness, inflammation, and general 
discomfort. Continued dryness can lead to yeast infections and vaginitis. 
Due to a very high concentration of photo estrogens, Pueraria Mirifica 
virtually duplicates a woman's own moisture. Pueraria Mirifica may also 
naturally stimulate the "Bart Holon" glands to release estrogen, restoring 
a woman's natural lubrication.

 Phytoestrogens increase blood flow into 
the vagina and introduce estrogen-like biological effects. Prolonged and 
regular use of Pueraria Mirifica may lead to vaginal tissue growth, 
strength and elasticity.( Pueraria Mirifica is a herb used to 
prepare vagina tightening creams and spays)

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how t prevent, fight, stop, cure,heal, treat Musty or fishy odor, Vaginal itching and irritation , Vaginal odor is stronger after sex , White or gray vaginal discharge often excessive

Fishy Vaginal Odor/Bacterial Vaginosis 

- Fishy vaginal odor is usually caused from inflammation of the vaginal
area. This is almost always a result of infection in or around the vagina.
The most common infection that causes this fishy vaginal odor is
bacterial vaginosis.

Does this sound like you: 
    Musty or fishy odor
    Vaginal itching and irritation
    Vaginal odor is stronger after sex
    White or gray vaginal discharge, often excessive

Many people will tell you, the only way to get rid of the odor and
discharge caused by BV is with antibiotics. We all know what antibiotics
are going to do... cause a yeast infection. So why not try a natural
product that is guaranteed to work and causes no other health problems.

What is bacterial vaginosis? 

Bacterial vaginosis is an abnormal vaginal condition that is most often
recognized by a fishy vaginal discharge. This is as a result from an
overgrowth of normal bacteria in the vagina. You may have heard of
Gardner Ella vaginitis. This is what this condition used to be called. It
was named after the bacterium that was thought to cause the condition.

New research found that there are several different species of bacteria
that live naturally in the vaginal area. Gardner Ella is not the only
bacteria causing all the odor. The name of this condition has been
changed to bacteria vaginosis to reflect these new findings.

When all the different species of bacteria become imbalanced, you will
notice a vaginal discharge that is associated with a fishy odor.

Bacterial vaginosis is not a STD. It is not passed by sex. It is very
embarrassing and disturbing but it is not dangerous. If you notice an
unusual discharge, you should have it checked so you can rule out
chlamydia and gonorrhea which are serious infections.

Symptoms of bacterial vaginosis? 

The symptoms of bacterial vaginosis are a foul, fishy odor and a grayish
white discharge. The amount of the discharge varies so there is no
amount that is considered "normal". There are no other symptoms. If
you have a vaginal discharge that is abnormal for you, it is a good idea
to see a health practitioner to rule out all other conditions. Some women
with bacterial vaginosis will experience no symptoms at all.

What causes bacterial vaginosis? 

Current research has determined it is an imbalance of natural
vaginal bacteria that causes bacterial vaginosis. The problem is it is
not possible to determine when a bacterium is out of balance.
Consequently, locating the offending bacteria and eradicating it is
not a solution.

How is bacterial vaginosis diagnosed? 

Generally, your doctor will perform a pelvic exam to rule out other,
more serious, problems. A sample of the discharge will be collected to
examine under a microscope. Bacterial vaginosis can be distinguished
from other common problems, such as yeast, with this microscopic

There is a particular test your doctor can perform called a "whiff test". A
drop of potassium hydroxide testing solution is added to the discharge.
The result is usually a strong fishy odor.

How do you treat bacterial vaginosis? 

The most common treatment for bacterial vaginosis is antibiotics.
Usually, one course of treatment is successful. A small percentage of
women will experience recurrent symptoms within a month.
Consequently, a second course of antibiotics will be prescribed.
As women, we know that taking antibiotics to cure this problem will
almost absolutely cause another problem, yeast infection. This is why
more and more women are seeking natural, herbal remedies for this
problem. With the antibiotics, you are trading one problem for another,
more difficult, problem.

Are there complications of bacterial vaginosis? 

Once bacterial vaginosis is treated, the fishy odor problem is usually
gone for good. No special follow-up is necessary if the symptoms
disappear. The infection is not transmitted sexually so sexual partners
need not be treated.
If you are pregnant, bacterial vaginosis can cause premature labor,
premature birth, infection of the amniotic fluid, and infection of the
uterus. You doctor will probably test for bacterial vaginosis early in your
pregnancy. Any unusual discharge during pregnancy should be reported
immediately to your doctor or mid-wife.

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How Can I Keep My Vagina Fresh?’; How Can I Keep My Vagina Healthy?’ ; How Can I Give My Vagina Breathing Space?’

How Can I Keep My Vagina Fresh?
Because it is such an embarrassing and sensitive topic for many
women, the question ‘ How Can I Keep My Vagina Fresh?’ is
often avoided at all costs, with many women not having the
confidence to approach their doctors with this surprisingly
common problem.

"How to stop Vaginal Odour"

Vaginal odour is natural, with each woman having their own
unique scent. This only becomes an issue when the smell
becomes stronger and overwhelming. When this happens,
something must be done to remedy it.

Here we will look at five different causes and solutions of
vaginal odour and provide some answers to the question, ‘How
Can I Keep My Vagina Fresh? ‘.

Let’s begin with the obvious factor, hygiene and cleanliness. All
women should maintain a high level of hygiene in the vaginal
area. Although the vagina is capable of removing unwanted dirt and
germs by itself, it is important to keep the surrounding area fresh and
free of bacteria. One thing that should be avoided is the use of douches.
These actually push dirt, germs and bacteria further into the vagina,
increasing the likelihood of bad smells occurring. For maximum
cleansing effect, simply wash the vaginal area softly with an unscented
soap, and be sure to wash away all the soap afterwards as leftover soap
can actually cause yeast infections.

It is important that the vagina is allowed to breathe, and this is greatly
affected by the choice of underwear used. Panties manufactured from
synthetic materials, tight trousers and tights all restrict airflow, which is
a major cause of bacterial growth. To maximize air circulation in the
vaginal area, and to keep your vagina fresh at all times, try to use cotton
panties and loose clothing.

Generally speaking, if a part of your body is emitting an unusual and
unpleasant smell, it is usually a sign that something is wrong in that area.
The vagina is no different, and those who are experiencing
overwhelming smells in the vaginal area should look at some of the
products being used there as a potential source of bad odour. If you use
tampons, pads or toilet paper that is fragranced, then that could well be
the source of the irritation. In addition to this, concentrated soaps and
detergents can also cause irritation and are other factors worth
considering. Make sure all products used are limited to more natural
products, without any harsh dyes or fragrances added.

This is one step that does involve a trip to the doctors. If you suspect the
source of your unpleasant vaginal odour is due to infection, it is
imperative you visit your doctor, and receive the appropriate medical
advice. The most common odours associated with infections are fishy
odours, and are particularly pungent after sex. Vaginal infections will
usually have other accompanying symptoms such as unusual discharge,
burning sensations, tenderness and itching.

Natural Hormonal Balance

As previously stated, every woman has a natural scent, and some might
just be unlucky that their odour is stronger due to a slight hormonal
imbalance. By consuming herbal remedies and supplements, such as
Curcuma Comosa, you can regulate hormone production and regain
hormonal balance, which should lessen unpleasant odours and return the
freshness to your vagina.

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How to always appear Beautiful and Young, how to prevent to Nurture your body with high Antioxidants everyday

Beauty tips, young tips, how to 
prevent wrinkles. 
                -Nurture your body with high Antioxidants everyday

    Start your day with green tea.
    One meal should be salad with violet cabbage and virgin olive
oil dressing.  

    During day time, drink a cup of soy beverage, ginger tea (with
least sugar or none).  

    Take some antioxidant superpower like phytoestrogens and
pomegranate (fresh or juice).  

    End your day with red wine.

Simple Detox  
-Put one tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar in a big glass of water, drink it during empty
stomach every morning. You will find yourself differently, clean and fresh.

Detox plan  
 * Set one day in a week to eat only vegetables and fruits, no any
kinds of meat or oil food. Other days, try to eat high fibers food i.e.
cereals, food grain, seaweed, cabbage, radish etc.

* Avoid chemicals in our daily life from cosmetics, shampoo, hair
dye etc. Use natural products, herbs instead.

    * Eat natural vitamin C (oranges, guava, tomatoes etc.) to help
body produce glutathione. Glutathione will help our liver to
eliminate chemicals and toxins from body.

      * Drink water at least 2 liters a day.
       * Long deep breath in open fresh air at least 30 minutes a day.
       * Exercise or sauna to help eliminate toxins through sweating.

Release your growth hormone naturally    
Growth hormone can make people look younger. We still can
stimulate our body system to produce growth hormone by:  

  Hard exercises until you feel your heart beating and you soak with
sweat. Then your growth hormone will release naturally. Try to do
hard exercise 3 times a week. Growth hormone will nurture your
body and you will get back to look 10 years younger.
  Sleeping at night time especially from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. and in a
very complete dark room, no lights. Try not to stay up late.  

         The best way to use skin care products  
You should not use the same brand for a long time. Because our
skin needs to be nurtured by many kinds of skin food and also
our skin will get used to it and then less response thereafter. The
best way is after using one skin care for a period, you should
change to another skin care and then after a period you can get
back to use your old one and so on...

Every time you apply skin care; always massage a bit to help go
deeper into your skin for better results.

Every time you apply any skin care on your face, don't forget
your neck skin. Neck skin is even more delicate than face skin
and prone to have wrinkles easily.  

   Biological clock 
Best sleeping time is from 10 pm at night to 6 am in the

       -How to prevent wrinkles 
 Beauty sleep - Sleeping on your back.
Lying on your stomach is not good for face skin because a lot of
pressure from head weights to be putting on your face every

 Dermatologists can tell what side of the face people sleep
on by the number of wrinkles

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Boost your libido. Boost Libido In Women With These Easy Tips

Low libido is a common problem among women. Contrary to the 
popular belief, it is not just the hormonal change in the body that women 
go through during menopause that is responsible for diminished sex 
drive. A lot of factors can be at play.

Stress and other emotional issues can be at play. Not just this, pregnancy 
and childbirth can also reduce your sex drive. Most women lose their 
appetite for sex after childbirth because of fatigue involved in taking 
care of the new born. Certain medications like anti-depressants and birth 
control pills can also result in reduced libido in women. 

"Boost Libido with These Easy Tips "

1. Stress Management 
Trying to reduce stress in life can be a positive step towards libido 
enhancement. Some effective stress management techniques involve 
yoga, meditation, deep breathing exercise. 
Getting enough sleep is also important not just to minimize stress but 
also to ensure optimum hormonal production in your body. 

2. Lose Some Weight 
If you are overweight, then it is time to lose some excess pounds. 
Exercise is good for blood circulation in your body. This helps boost 
libido too. 

Moreover, getting back in shape can help increase your self-confidence 
and also improve your self-image. It can make your more comfortable in 
your skin and you would be ready to enjoy more sex.

3. Try Aphrodisiacs 
Certain foods can help increase libido in both women and men. Oysters 
and chocolates are a great example. Try to include them in your diet. 
Moreover, soy and soy products can help increase estrogen production in 
your body safely and without the side effects of hormone replacement 
therapy. It’s a good idea to include such foods in your diet. 

4. Certain Herbs 
There are certain herbs that are known to increase libido in women. Such 
herbs work to boost blood flow to the genitals. They also boost the 
production of sex hormones naturally and safely. 
Some of such herbs include ginkgo balboa, epimedium sagittatum, hops 
extract, cayenne pepper etc., now such herbs and other natural 
ingredients like vitamins and amino acids are being used to formulate 
supplements that can help boost libido in women and also provide relief 
from other sexual problems. 

Her solution is a great product when it comes to libido boosting 
supplements for women. These pills are 100% natural and are 
recommended by doctors too. They not only help increase libido in 
women but also provide relief from other problems such as vaginal 
dryness, hot flashes and other menopause symptoms. 
These pills do not have any side effects and comes with a complete 
money back guarantee. 
They can help revive your sex life and this is why women are buying 
them in huge numbers. 

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How to always appear Beautiful and Young, how to prevent to Nurture your body with high Antioxidants everyday