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       Technology today can be very helpful especially when it comes to
restoring the passion and the fire in your relationship.

                      A last resort for a woman's loose vagina problems is
surgery. This is only done when a woman has severe problems due to
vaginal stretching. Before considering it, though, be certain that you’re
through with childbearing or you could find yourself with the same
problem after your next delivery. There are available methods like laser
procedures and some complicated ones to shift the position of the
bladder. Consult with your doctor on this…

Most Popular forms of  vaginal surgery / TYPES OF VAGINAL SURGERY are; 
    Vaginal Rejuvenation
    Vaginal Tightening
    Labia Reduction
    Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation
    Clitoral Hood Reduction
, Surgery can give you fine results as quickly as you want. But how
much does it cost? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

                 Vaginal Surgery Advantages - 
a. The process could easily be done and with good results.
b. The tightness of the vagina would be the same as it was on its teenage

                Vagina Surgery Disadvantages - 
a. Of course you'll spend money on this with the average of $5000-

b. There might be risks like bleeding, infection and scarring, but this is
unusual or rarely happens since good doctors will take care of you.

c. You will feel pain after surgery, but not to worry since there are pain
medications for this.

Why SHOULD I Pick Vaginal Plastic Surgery? 

Many numbers of women, who've borne children, and their partners,
know...yet may not openly discuss the matter of damaged or increased
vaginal laxity.

Who should consider vaginoplasty (vaginal tightening 
If you are a woman in good health and with reasonable expectations
then vaginoplasty is an option.

There are several reasons for choosing vaginoplasty which are:

Stress incontinence
This can happen as a result of childbirth. The vaginal muscles can
become slack during delivery and this can cause an involuntary loss
of urine. You may notice this if you sneeze, laugh or cough.

Improving the appearance of female sex organs
This procedure can tighten the vaginal muscles which can enhance
the amount of pleasure given, and received by the woman during
lovemaking. This will also improve your sex life as a whole.

Boost confidence and self-esteem
Having loose vaginal muscles can be both distressing and
embarrassing. This can affect self-worth to such an extent that the
patient feels unable to enjoy a normal lifestyle which can lead to

Other reasons include repairing damage to the vagina and a
prolapsed pelvis.

The vagina can be torn which can be felt as a pulling or rubbing
sensation when wearing tight fitting clothes.

A prolapsed pelvis is where the muscles at the base of the pelvis are
weakened as a result of childbirth which then causes pressure on
the vagina. The result of this is pain and discomfort.

What's Involved With Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery?
Essentially, you're looking at a 1 hour plus in-patient medical procedure (hospital
stay for 1 day) that will reduce interior vaginal tissues and diameters,
leaving you smaller and firmer.

Expect to undergo a prior health
screening and gynecological evaluation. As with any surgery, you
should avoid medications, smoking and take pre-op eating tips from
your doctor so that you arrive in tip-top shape.
You need to be sedated when undergoing vaginal reconstruction surgery,
so expect pre-op anesthetics to be administered.

        During the vaginal surgery itself, your doctor carefully excises or
removes a small amount of interior soft tissue. Next, your surgeon
carefully "tightens" surrounding soft tissues, using absorbable sutures.
Vaginal Surgery "Bottom Line". Surgically decreased vaginal tract
directly increases friction, and pleasure, for a woman and her partner.
There's no reason for women, or couples, to silently defer to vaginal
looseness when well documented vaginal reconstructive surgery can
easily and safely correct the situation.

For women, it's like returning to the physical state and sensations you
had prior to having children.
You can usually return to work 6 to 7 days after surgery.
No tampons, constricting underwear (e.g. G-strings), or sex for ~6
No riding/cycling for at least 3 weeks.

Potential complications of vaginoplasty
- Infection
- bleeding
- scarring
When combined with labioplasty (labia reduction), this surgery is often
referred to in the media as the "designer vagina".

What About Over Sized Labia? Sometimes women undergoing
vaginal plastic surgery have a related concern which can cause some
embarrassment, namely enlarged vaginal labia or the lips of fleshy skin
surrounding the vaginal opening. Solution? Combine both needs in one
surgery. Labiaplasty surgery can incrementally reduce labia tissues.
Result? Your embarrassment drops. You feel more comfortable wearing
tighter clothes again. No "camel's toe" projection to be concerned about.
Whether using cosmetic surgery for aesthetic, function and sensation to
the vagina, women should also know the overall satisfaction of each
methods such as labiaplasty to repair both minora and majora of labia,
clitoral hood reduction (clitoridotomy) or removal (hoodectomy) to
modify clitoris position and sexual pleasure sensation, hymenoplasty to
restore or repair the hymen, vaginoplasty to repair vaginal hole and
mucous membranes like glans clitoridis and clitoral hood, Perineoplasty
to repair several vaginal conditions and health (looseness, warts, painful
during intercourse, urinary incontinence and some others), and posterior
colporrhapy to repair vaginal wall, all have certain benefits and potential

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