Monday, June 18

The vaginal problem: A lot of people would think that discussing issues regarding the vagina are taboos. This is not so. We must think of the vagina in an objective manner, as it is a part of the body that needs regular exercise. A woman’s look, or feel, in her vaginal and pubic region has a significant importance in a woman’s life. It is closely related to her self-esteem, and to the actual and expected excitement involved with her sexual life and desire Many women feel that their vagina is becoming too loose or for some women their sexual partner has mentioned that their vagina is getting loose. It is a common problem usually faced by lots of women. Though there are lots of causes for having a loose vagina. But against it, there are also many things and remedies through which a woman can tighten up her vagina.

Here are some ways to help determine whether you have a loose vagina:

 • When a woman finds that she needs to insert bigger objects for vaginal stimulation and satisfaction, this can mean that she has a looser vagina.
• Try to insert three fingers into your vagina at the same time. If there is no resistance to this, then you might have a loose vagina.
 • Place your index finger into your vagina and try to contract your vaginal muscles around it. If your index finger cannot be gripped by your vaginal walls, chances are, you have a loose vagina.
 • When your partner starts to complain that he is not having as much satisfaction in bed with you or when you find it harder to get an orgasm, you may have a loose vagina.