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How to use Curcuma comosa, Natural Mint Leaves, Witch Hazel, Pueraria Mirifica To Tighten the Vagina Fast/Naturally

Here are some natural substances of herbs that beneficial in rejuvenating vaginal muscle elasticity, functions and sensation.

Method 1:


You just boil the leaves, let it cool down a little bit. While there is still steam, pour tea in a bucket, sit over the bucket with the tea in it, allow the steam to go in for 5-15mins. You will also find that this
releases loose secretions out of the vagina. Make sure the tea is not too hot, use as a douche, or pour over vagina, allowing tea to enter your vagina. It will strengthen your vagina, and will make you wetter than usual. Your man will love it, just do this for a while. If you do it the night before sex and right before you have sex, it’s even better, the more used the tighter. Let me know what you think, women love it, because it’s natural, and they don’t have to worry about using anything with chemicals, and it soothes the vagina.

Method 2:



What is V-Tight Gel?

        V-Tight Gel is very effective for curing loose genital wall complaints.

     Here is how the makers of Vagina Tight Gel  describes it:

V-Tight is an all-natural vaginal tightening gel and exercise program that can help women reverse the loss of elasticity from childbirth, hormonal changes, and aging. Be tighter than ever naturally, without surgery or drugs. V-Tight Gel’s active ingredient - Manjakani Extract, has been used for centuries by women in Middle-Eastern and Indian Cultures to restore their vaginal tightness. 

What is Manjakani Extract?

Unlike anything else on the market, V­-Tight Gel's active ingredient, Manjakani Extract is one of the most powerful astringent herbs known to man.

Manjakani Extract >>

Its incredible astringency allows it to aid in a lot of vaginal disorders and adverse conditions including tightening the vagina, restoring vaginal elasticity, healing vaginal tissue, improving women’s vitality, reducing excessive vaginal discharge, retarding and reversing vaginal atrophy and preventing and healing genital prolapse

We will establish that V-Tight Gel is the most natural vagina tightening Product in the market today. Hence this begs the question too - How does this help me?

V-Tight Gel Active Ingredients and Composition:

      V-Tight Gel spices up your sex life by tightening vagina naturally. All the ingredients included for the production of V-Tight Gel are clinically approved by health practitioners. These ingredients have been used for centuries for the treatment of genital disorders. It contracts the muscles of genital walls and improves grip so as to enhance pleasure during relationship.

     Active ingredients used for the preparation of Aabab genital wall tightening tablet are well known for their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties. Key ingredients used for the
preparation of this herbal product include argilla vitriolutum and quercus infectoria.

Apart from tightening genital walls, V-Tight Gel holds a number of other health benefits too:

         1. Managing excessive white vaginal discharge (a.k.a leucorrhoea) is one among the important health benefits of using V-Tight Gel. It acts on body cells and prevents the action of microbial pathogens. This in turn reduces the risk of infectious diseases and keeps your genital tract healthy.

   2. Vaginal dryness, a common issue found among older women can be well treated by using V-Tight Gel. It improves lubrication, prevents the risk of dryness problem and spices up your sex life by tightening vagina.

  3. Use of V-Tight Gel enhances stimulation and ensures intense feeling for both the partners.

V-Tight Gel Does not cause harm:

        V-Tight Gel is completely devoid of harsh chemicals and can be even used by women with sensitive skin. Immediate result within no time is an important advantage of using V-Tightening gel. In order to achieve satisfactory result, it is recommended to use this herbal product before going to bed. Today V-Tight Gel vaginal gel is a common cure recommended for those
females suffering from loose genital problem due to child birth.

How Long Does The Effect Last or Wear-off?

    Prolonged result is a highlighting advantage of using V-Tight Gel. You can feel the effect of V-Tight Gel for about two to three hours duration (if you know what I mean). It restores the suppleness of genital walls and makes you feel as though young.

Valuable tidbit: Use of (V-Tight Gel) enhances sensitivity and spices up your sex life by tightening vaginal  walls.  Tighten your vagina by getting it here.

  See full specs of V-Tight Gel (by IsoSensuals) >>.

Method 3:


       Pueraria mirifica is a plant rich in active phytoestrogens or natural estrogens. Estrogenic or steroid hormone activity of their phytoestrogens will work when it enters the cells and activates the estrogen receptor in the ovary tissue (when applying to this area) and other tissues like uterus and breast. As the results, the structural changes induced by estrogen including Thickening the vaginal wall and increase vaginal lubrication. This is the basic function of estrogen on the vagina.

  The effect of estrogen on the vaginal from Pueraria mirifica also studied by some researchers.
One of them, a study from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibody Hospital, Mahidol University, Thailand, that concluded

“Pueraria mirifica 100 and 1,000 mg/kg/day showed an estrogen-like effect on the vaginal and urethral epithelium of ovariectomized rats.”

Other studies investigated the estrogenic activity of Pueraria mirifica said that the alcoholic extract of Pueraria mirifica roots, that is dichloromethane extract, is the most potent estrogenic activity followed by ethanolic extract. (Fitoterapia. 2008 Dec, 19(7-9) 509-14).

These effects are very helpful for women who experienced vaginal dryness (more common among menopausal women) that make them suffer during sexual intercourse and not enjoyable, and for
those who want to restore their elasticity of vaginal wall due to frequent sexual activities or had vaginal delivery.

Other studies evaluated the effects of P. mirifica in the vaginal Health index, vaginal pH, and cells related to structure, function and chemistry of vagina in healthy postmenopausal women concluded, “Pueraria mirifica was proven to exhibit estrogenicity on vaginal Tissue, to alleviate vaginal dryness symptoms and dyspareunia, to improve signs of vaginal atrophy, and to restore the atrophic vaginal
epithelium in healthy postmenopausal women.” (Ref). This means, P. mirifica is does not only benefit in restoring vaginal elasticity and produce more lubrication, but also for vaginal health.


          Method 4:     HOW TO USE Oak gall  To Tighten Vagina

Oak is a shrub from Quercus genus that contains lot of tannins; a polyphenolic compounds containing enough hydroxyl. It does not only have antibacterial properties and some antifungal for vaginal health due to its seven methanolic extracts that has been showed in several studies just like a study archived in the Annals of Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobials 2012, 11:11, but also restoring
vaginal muscles elasticity and increase blood flow in the clitoris area, either used as single application or in-combination with other herbs that have similar or supporting works.

While it is safe from almost adverse effect risks, its also easy to make for self-treatment.

Method 5:  

HOW TO USE Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) TO TIGHTEN THE VAGINA NATURALLY

Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) is not only a shrub or plant that Is popular with its astringent properties in the bark and leaves that Is beneficial in tightening vaginal muscles, but this plant is also rich in tannins and other natural phenols or small molecules that make them easily diffuse across cell membranes and reach intracellular sites for certain actions.

As a result, Witch hazel offers fast action in tightening vaginal muscles due to its content of high levels of tannins, phenols, and astringent properties.

In addition, the extract also contain antiseptic, antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory properties for better vaginal health.
In fact, due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, it also has ability for anti-toxic to the cells in order to fight colon cancer cells.

Therefore, when an extract of Witch hazel is combined with other supporting herbs in certain treatments like rejuvenating the vagina, it not only offers great results, but also great for better vaginal health.

Method 6:  

Curcuma comosa Pictures

Image result for curcuma comosa pictures













HOW TO USE Curcuma comosa 

  Curcuma comosa is a plant that beneficial in vaginal health due to its anti-inflammatory properties, and tightening vaginal muscles, maintain vaginal wall prolapse and vaginal dryness due to
phytoestrogen contents. Most of the studies related to female genital organs and women’s health come from Thailand since this herb were popular among people there and native to Asian countries.

Some of Thailand’s studies for women’s health just archived in the Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2012 Jan 25; 60(3):758- 64 from the Department of Physiology, Mahidol University,

The animal (rat) study inspired from promising therapeutic agents due to its phytoestrogen contents to treat the vascular impairment seen in menopausal women.

The authors said, these data suggest that the vascular relaxation effect of C. comosa is mediated via endothelial cells of ovariectomized rats and indicate a prevention of impairment of vascular relaxation in estrogen-deficient animals as well as promoting anti-inflammatory response.

Other herbs that often used in vaginal rejuvenation and health includes Symplocos racemosa;a plant that contains symponoside often used in Indian System of Medicine (ISM) for various female
disorders, Terminalia chebula with its anti-inflammatory and aphrodisiac properties for enhancing female sexual arousal and vaginal health, and some others.

Therefore, there are various herbs that can be used to overcome vaginal looseness or restore vaginal muscles elasticity, vaginal prolapse, vaginal dryness and discharge, and overall health of the
vagina, naturally.

However, since there are lots of herbs with certain natural chemical contents and works, it is time consuming and costly if choosing the herb is done one by one
Panax is a plant containing several active agents like stimulants, sedative and tonics. It is classified as a ginseng. As stimulants and tonics, it is effective in regulating blood flow to the female genital area and enhancing female sexual arousal, as well as vitality.

Therefore, panax ginseng has been used for centuries in certain countries like Korea and China.

The aphrodisiac properties of panax ginseng also been investigated in many studies due to its ginsenosides contents (a series of tetracyclic triterpenoid saponins), and its aphrodisiac properties is
not due to changes in hormone secretion, but to direct effects of ginseng on the central nervous system and genital organs in both male and female.

For total vaginal rejuvenation, it is very important in supporting other works in vaginal structural, functions, and sensation. 
It is almost safe when used appropriately. But some adverse effects such as high blood pressure, diarrhea, and restlessness can occur when used in excess. All of these formula results in fast reaction and even the results can be seen in just few minutes (mostly around 5 minutes) after administration.

Personally, if you ask me and also if you have missed good sex and want to start seeing quick immediate results, I will recommend you get the V-Tight Gel (by Isosensuals). You can start using it right away with your partner while you are waiting for the effects of the other more natural lasting methods to kick in.

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