Wednesday, July 4

Sex and menopause:

If you are in a relationship, Sex and Menopause is a subject which needs to be dealt with as a couple.
  • Many marriages will be affected by the female’s surge of testosterone prior to her Menopause which can leave her temperamental and sexually insatiable – and this is particularly noticeable (and often rather annoyingfor her man when he begins to become aware of a gradual lessening of libido at the same age.

  • But it’s the mood swings and hot sweats that can really get a girl down.
  • Bad tempered outbursts, hot sweats, lack of sleep, the feeling that they have no identity of their own accompanied by the female equivalent of a troublesome erection that won’t go away.
And, once things settle down, she then starts to feel the full effects of the Menopause with a drop in sexual desire most commonly due to problems with vaginal thinning as a result of the reduction in estrogen supplies. Sex starts to hurt, whether it’s at entry or exit or during the thrusting. A stray sharp fingernail or hangnail can cause a tiny split that will feel like a gash the size of the Marina Trench.

  •  However, the consequences of not dealing with Menopause together can exacerbate a man’s version of the same event. He’s starting to notice thinning on top and increasing girth around his middle and he’s not getting sex.
  •  She doesn’t feel desirable and, ipso facto, does not desire him.
  • He feels unwanted and starts to search for a trophy girlfriend to emphasize his battered masculinity.

Vaginal atrophy, a condition characterized by thinning and swelling of the vaginal walls usually occurs after menopause. It makes sexual intercourse painful and reduces interest in sex. Vaginal atrophy starts developing several years prior to menopause.
In some cases, fluctuations in estrogen secretion during breastfeeding might cause vaginal atrophy. It could also develop as a side effect of hormonal therapy or chemotherapy for treating breast cancer or other forms of cancers.
  • The vaginal discharge helps to restore the health of the vagina. Changes in the normal vaginal discharge are the first signs of vaginal problems.

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