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Pubococcygeus Muscle, TYPES OF Pubococcygeus Muscle , Pubococcygeus Muscle Exercise: "How To Do The Most Effective Pubococcygeus Muscle Exercise

-  How To Do The Most Effective Pubococcygeus Muscle Exercise

            Without tensing your anal muscles, insert a finger into your vagina and try
to squeeze the finger. The muscle you are using to constrict the vagina is the
pubococcygeus muscle.

Remove your finger and regularly practice the following variations of the
pubococcygeus muscle exercise. You can do these around a vaginal cone or
barbell or in conjunction with a neuromuscular stimulator like the Kegel Tight &

The Short Squeeze 
Contract the pubococcygeus muscle once every second. Inhale gently as you
contract and exhale when you release. Start with two sets of 10. Gradually build up
to two sets of 50 a day.

The Long Squeeze 
Contract and hold the muscle for a count of three, relaxing between contractions.
Work up to holding for 10 seconds and relaxing for 10 seconds. Start with two sets
of 10 each and gradually build up to two sets of 50.

Pull-in, Push-out 
Imagine that you were trying to suck water into the vagina and pull up the whole
pelvic floor accordingly. Then bear down to try to expel the water. This exercise
uses the abdominal muscles as well as the pubococcygeus muscle. Do this five
times in a row. Build up to 10 sets.

The Elevator 
Envisage an elevator in your pelvic region that you want to lift up one floor at a
time. Beginning from the ground floor, raise it up to the first floor, then the
second floor, and finally, the third floor. Slowly allow the the elevator to go back
down, stopping at each floor. Once you have returned to the ground floor,
completely relax the muscles you’ve just exercised. Start with one set of 10
repetitions and build up to five sets of 10.

It is best to break up the exercises and do them in two or more daily sessions,
ensuring that you complete the specified number of repetitions. It also helps to
alternate your position between standing, sitting and kneeling, to exercise the
pelvic floor muscles completely.

What you will notice as you get more accomplished at performing this type of 
pubococcygeus muscle exercise is not only the increased strength, but the ability
to isolate groups of muscles in your pelvic floor and work out which muscles
relate to which part of the genitalia.

 This will help you to perfect your orgasms both on your own and with a partner.

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