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 Vaginal cones and weights: These are smooth plastic oval devices of varying weight. They are placed in the vagina and held in there while you are walking around. As your muscles get stronger, you increase the weight (A weighed tampon sized device which is placed in the vagina twice daily. 

One starts with the lightest cone, inserts it into the vagina, and squeezes the muscles to hold it in place. This is done twice a day, for about fifteen minutes per session, while going about one's usual

When a woman is successful at keeping the cone in place, she can move on to the next heavier cone, working her way up to the heaviest.

This gradual increase in weight, strengthens the muscles within which may result in tightening. Although they will not help your sex drive or lubrication).

-Kegel exercises become more efficient
-Helps correct overactive bladders
-Cheap and inexpensive they are affordable

-Required to contract the vagina for 15 minutes
-Cone will often slip out while in use
-Complaints of pain which lead to bleeding            

What is The Neocontrol?: Neocontrol and electrical stimulation (called NMES or Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation). Vaginal cones are weighed and tampon-sized devices that a woman inserts in her vagina and holds there.

A woman starts with the lightest cone, inserts the device in the vagina, then squeezes the muscles to hold the device in place.

The Neocontrol is a specialized chair that utilizes magnetic fields to stimulate the pelvic floor's muscles. A technician or nurse in an urologist's office usually administers this procedure. The treatments are done in 20 to 30 minute sessions, twice weekly, for a total duration of
eight weeks.

Neocontrol Review 

Neocontrol- A type of chair which sends magnetic fields to the pelvic floor stimulating the muscles. A technician working in an Urologists office typically administers these treatments. The process includes 20- 30min sessions, usually twice weekly, for around 8-10 weeks. However success is not guaranteed with these treatments, as only 50% of its patients had noticeable results. This remedy may well take about twenty to thirty minutes per session. For attaining very best result, it is recommended to manage this therapy for about eight weeks duration.
-Effortless 30 minute session 2-3 times weekly
-Automatically contracts the vagina
-Non invasive and well tolerated by patients

-120$ per week for 8-10weeks is expensive
-Urine leaks decreased only 50% on average
-Results are not money back

What is Electrical stimulation (NMES)? used to tighten vagina? 

 uses a probe in the woman's vagina to stimulate the pelvic floor's muscles with an electric current. This causes the muscles to contract and relax. The treatments are done every one to four days. The treatments last about 20 minutes a session. NMES can be performed for a few weeks or longer, depending on the situation. Some healthcare providers prescribe home units for their patients, while others perform such sessions in their clinics.

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