Thursday, June 5

Excersises to tighten a loose or wide vagina

1. General Exercises: 

 Following a set of exercises as it is the first step in tightening your
vagina. Performing these exercises will help to tighten the muscles
which are located very close to the pelvic area. Regular performance of
these exercises will increase the sexual pleasure as due to these
exercises, the muscles surrounding the area will become stronger and
elastic. Now both the sexual partners will enjoy tremendously…

 2.Kegal Exercises 
 To tighten up your vagina, one process is to try lying down and try to
contract the muscles, while stopping urination. Squeeze that muscle for a
few seconds and then allow it to relax for another few seconds. It is not
performed in a proper way if you feel your muscles tightening in their
buttocks or stomach. The only problem with the exercise is the ability of
the person to “feel” the correct muscle. Since the muscle is largely
controlled involuntarily, it is quite difficult to consciously feel and
manipulate this muscle. The exercise is performed by lying on the floor
and then raising your knees up. Then you should try to raise your
buttocks off the floor. This exercise needs to be done repeatedly during
the time of recovery. The exercise is also quite useful is getting rid of
some of the weight that you might have gained during pregnancy.

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